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Or share link merges the addictive gameplay of Slither with the iconic world of Minecraft. Enter the blocky arena and engage in a pixelated battle for survival. As a pixelated snake, your goal is to grow larger by consuming blocks and other defeated snakes scattered throughout the battlefield. But watch out! Your opponents are armed with TNT, ready to blast you into oblivion.

How to Play

Collect Blocks, Grow Big

Navigate through the arena and devour blocks to increase your size. The larger you grow, the stronger you become. Keep munching on blocks to prepare yourself for epic battles against other players.

Trash the Competition

Utilize TNT strategically to eliminate rival snakes. Aim carefully and launch TNT at your opponents to reduce their HP. Just like in Slither, blocking opponents can also lead to their demise. Dominate the arena by eliminating as many opponents as possible.

Consume Their Bodies

With each defeated opponent, you not only eliminate a threat but also gain a trophy. Wear the skins of your fallen foes as a badge of honor in the game. Accumulate kills to unlock a variety of custom skins available in the menu screen.


  • Minecraft Theme: Immerse yourself in a blocky world reminiscent of Minecraft.
  • TNT Combat: Engage in explosive battles by throwing TNT at your adversaries.
  • Custom Skins: Personalize your snake with various skins unlocked through gameplay achievements.
  • Free and Fun: Enjoy hours of entertainment with this addictive and free-to-play .io game. offers a unique gaming experience that combines the best elements of Slither and Minecraft. Dive into the pixelated arena, grow your snake, and dominate your opponents with explosive tactics. Are you ready to become the ultimate pixelated predator?

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