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Little big snake

Little big snake

Little Big Snake is a popular multiplayer IO game where players grow and evolve their snakes by consuming food and bugs while avoiding other snakes. Building on the successful features of similar games like Slither and Worms Zone, Little Big Snake adds unique elements and a more complex gameplay experience.

Gameplay Basics

Eating and Evolving

The primary objective in Little Big Snake is to eat food and grow your snake. The main sources of nutrition are glowing orbs and nectar. These can be found scattered around the map, inside bugs, and left behind by deceased snakes. Consuming these will not only increase the size of your snake but also provide energy to boost your speed without affecting your snake’s size.

One of the fastest ways to evolve into the ultimate snake is by trapping other snakes and larger bugs. These larger bugs often drop upgrades, providing time-based advantages that help you progress more rapidly.

Leveling Up

While maintaining the simplicity of an IO snake game, Little Big Snake introduces additional complexities to keep players engaged in the long term. Competing in the game builds your level, rewarding you with chests containing various prizes such as gold. Players also earn achievements, which bring additional in-game rewards.

Upgrading Your Snake

Evolution Board

Leveling up and earning gold allows you to purchase upgrades through the evolution board. This is a skill tree with numerous incremental upgrades available. You can enhance energy recovery speed and growth rate from consuming food, among other improvements.

As you reach higher levels, more evolution upgrades become unlockable. The best part is that these upgrades apply to all future games you play, providing a lasting advantage.

Similar Games

If you're looking to try other multiplayer IO games, two of the most popular options are Shell Shockers and Smash Karts. For another snake-themed game, you can visit, which offers a similar experience directly in your web browser.


Customizing Your Snake

Personalize your snake with a variety of attractive skins and auras. Leveling up and opening gold-filled chests allow you to purchase unlockable costumes and more.

Skill Tree Upgrades

The evolution skill tree offers multiple permanent upgrades for your snake. These upgrades enhance various aspects of gameplay, making each session more enjoyable and strategic.

Meaningful Gameplay

Engage in missions and achievements that provide meaningful gameplay with a variety of rewards. This adds depth to the game, encouraging players to strive for higher accomplishments and better rewards.

In conclusion, Little Big Snake offers a captivating multiplayer experience with its unique blend of simplicity and complexity. Whether you're consuming food to grow your snake or strategically trapping other players for rapid evolution, the game provides endless fun and competitive excitement.

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