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Or share link is an exhilarating multiplayer game where you transform into a snake, navigate through colorful dots, pilfer energy from fellow players, and strive to ascend as the apex predator of the arena.

How to play

Begin by selecting your preferred skin and location. The game offers an array of distinctive snake skins to suit your style. Upon entering the game, simply click on the snake displayed on the screen to customize its appearance. Once satisfied, hit the "Play" button to commence your journey.

Unlike conventional games where placement is randomized, empowers you to select your spawning point. Traverse the arena until you find a favorable spot, then press the left mouse button to initiate your adventure. Your chosen location should be teeming with dots, facilitating rapid growth from the onset. Embark as a diminutive serpent and ascend the ranks to claim your position on the leaderboard.

Game Objective

Aligned with the essence of classic Snake io games, the objective of is to amass glowing dots within a sprawling open-world environment, thereby augmenting your snake's size. Your ultimate goal is to attain supremacy by morphing into the largest serpent and asserting dominion over the arena.

The game concludes upon collision with rival snakes or succumbing to the zapping prowess of larger adversaries. Exercise caution to evade direct confrontations with superior serpents, as such encounters spell instantaneous demise.

As your dimensions swell, your agility diminishes. Employ speed boosts strategically to outmaneuver adversaries and orchestrate collisions, thereby eliminating competitors and consolidating your dominance.


A distinguishing feature of lies in the ability to siphon energy from adversaries by intersecting their tails. This tactical maneuver not only diminishes their vitality but fortifies your own prowess, propelling you closer to triumph.

Navigation within the game is facilitated by mouse control. Manipulate the serpent's movements by maneuvering the mouse accordingly. To accelerate, simply press the left mouse button, enabling swift traversal across the terrain.

In summary, offers an enthralling multiplayer experience characterized by strategic maneuvers, fierce competition, and the pursuit of supremacy. Embark on your journey today, and emerge as the indomitable ruler of the serpent realm.

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