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Or share link is an engaging online game featuring Minecraft-style graphics and a plethora of gameplay modes. With its combination of obstacle-crossing features, creative combat, and sandbox environment, offers a versatile gaming experience tailored to your preferences.

In BloxdHop mode, your mission is to reach the end of the map within a specific time frame. To navigate to the final destination, you must engage in parkour-style jumping across levels adorned with blocks of varying sizes.


Similar to drawing games like, DoodleCube mode allows players to create themed avatars. Other users then vote on the representation quality of these avatars.


Your objective in EvilTower mode is to ascend to the peak of the Demon Tower! Much like BloxdHop, you'll utilize parkour skills to reach the end. EvilTower draws inspiration from Roblox's Tower of Hell.


Peaceful mode resembles Minecraft's creative mode. Here, you're free to roam, gather resources, and build to your heart's content.


This mode adds thrilling combat scenarios to the mix. Engage in battles against other players in a third-person shooter setting, where you can also construct blocks.


  • Explore a fun and captivating world for free on your web browser.
  • Multiple gameplay modes with diverse objectives to suit different tastes.
  • Earn gold from your achievements and utilize it in the in-game store.
  • Join friends in multiplayer games for a shared gaming experience. offers an immersive gaming environment where creativity and skill are key. Dive into its various modes and embark on exciting adventures with friends or solo!

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