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What is presents a thrilling twist to the classic Slither-style battle royale, where survival means navigating a shrinking space while the worms grow larger. In this hex-covered future map, your strategic prowess and quick reflexes determine whether you emerge victorious or get squashed. Can you outsmart your opponents, gather jewels to expand, and dominate the arena? The challenge awaits, and only the most cunning players will triumph.

How to Play

  • Controls:

    • Use your mouse to navigate your worm.
    • Click to boost your speed.
  • Objective:

    • Collect gems scattered across the map to elongate your worm.
    • Avoid collisions with other worms and the shrinking edges of the arena.
    • Strategically utilize boosts to outmaneuver opponents and secure advantageous positions.


  • Personalize Your Worm:

    • Before embarking on your journey, customize your worm's appearance with various colors, stripes, body types, and head shapes.
    • Represent your identity with flags, whether it's your country, favorite YouTuber, or a beloved meme.
  • Unlockable Crowns:

    • Achieve high placements or significant kill counts in rounds to earn prestigious crowns, which can be equipped in future matches.


  • Egg to Dominance:
    • Begin as an egg, hatch, and grow to assert dominance in the battle arena.
    • Compete against other players as the map progressively shrinks, intensifying the struggle for survival.
  • Elimination and Gems:
    • Eliminate rival worms by strategically positioning yourself to cut off their path.
    • Upon elimination, worms drop the gems they've consumed during the round, adding a risk-reward element to encounters.
  • Strategic Boosting:
    • Use boosts to gain temporary speed advantages and overtake opponents.
    • Exercise caution, as boosting causes your worm to shrink and drop gems, necessitating judicious use.


  • Early Advantage:
    • Secure an early advantage by gathering as many gems as possible.
    • Prioritize super gems for substantial point boosts, but be wary of competition.
  • Map Awareness:
    • Utilize the minimap to track the movements of other players, aiding in strategic positioning and avoiding traps.
  • Edge Control:
    • Employ edge-blocking tactics to trap opponents outside the shrinking map, eliminating them from the competition.

Stats and Progression

  • In-game Stats:
    • Monitor player count, eliminations, and time until map completion via the interface.
  • Progress Tracking:
    • Review your performance history, including length, kills, placements, and dates played, accessible through the stats button.

In, survival hinges on a delicate balance of strategy, skill, and adaptability. Will you rise to the challenge and emerge as the ultimate champion in this dynamic battle royale experience? It's time to slither, strategize, and conquer!


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